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Lynette Drachenblut is a professional model and fantasy photographer located in Spain and the UK.
Striving for perfection, with an eye for details; Lynette Drachenblut’s Art brings magic into the real world.

  • Modelling

With many years experience, doing modelling for catalogues, e-commerce stores, clothing store websites and catwalks; Lynette Drachenblut can work quickly and effectively with photographers, with or without direction.

  • Modelling + Photography services for shops and brands

Lynette Drachenblut will create the perfect images for your catalogue and website.
Being a model, photogpraher and retoucher; she can create images that clearly and effectively showcase your products in the best possible light.

  • Moonspells Photography for Models, Bands and people wanting an artistic photoshoot!

Operating under the name “Moonspells”, Lynette Drachenblut takes influences from nature, mythology, Art Nouveu and Pre-Raphaelite art; combining them to create fantasy and fairy tale images, staring you as the protagonist.
Wardrobe is available on request.

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My Services

Fantasy Modelling and Photography

Who did say that dreams can not come true?
“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Picasso

Fashion Modelling & Photography

Lynette Drachenblut does an excepcional job as model for catalogue and website, at the same time she can also be her own photographer for her photoshoots or just the photographer for other models.
She has all the required equipment for photography in studio or outdoors.

Digital Retouching

If you need an excepcional retouching for your photography, Lynette Drachenblut will do an excellent job. She has more than 13 years experience in Photoshop and degree in Illustration and Graphic Arts.
She will be able to fix lighting issues, make up, skin, colours or backgrounds and make your photos look awesome.

Contact me

  • If you need a professional model.
  • If you need model and photographer.
  • If you would like an amazing photoshoot as model.
  • If you need retouching services.

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